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Vail Networks Review

Review of Tech Providers: Vail Networks


Review of Vail Networks (The Company)

If you are searching for a review about the company called, “Vail Networks,” you have found the right place.

In this review, we will show you how helped make our online and internal goals for improving our technological networks, a reality.

We will also describe Vail Networks’ web development process, the IT support they provided, and the on-going IT maintenance they continue to serve our business with.

We have been working with Vail Networks since July of 2013. During this time we have had the opportunity to get their help with several things. Our team decided to contact Vail Networks because of issues we were having managing our IT networks and IT support. Our education programs were lagging, our software was outdated, and our teachers and tutors were frustrated with everything that our corporate office released.

In hindsight, we didn’t know just how much help we needed. Our information technology program includes real-time, online live streaming videos that support up to 100 students at a time. With these network requirements, we needed help from a company with deep technology understanding and an ability to be there 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. These requirements for finding the best technology provider also included the fact that we needed to have the ability for more than 5,000 students, around the world, who could be taking classes on our network.

Our test prep company strives to be ahead of its day in terms of technology. And with that, we searched for a valuable trusted partner to help our company grow and scale with the right people.

As a company that strives to work on with the best vendors, we were so happy with the customer care, technology resources, and how Vail Networks helped our company launch new online technologies.


Vail Networks | Complete Review


New Web design and development with vail networks

As we mentioned earlier, about 5 years ago in 2013, we started considering a re-model and new design for our homepage, landing pages and contact forms.

Between 2007 and 2014, our business averaged the following website metrics:

  • 3,310 website visitors per month

  • 1.25% conversion rate

  • 50 new customers per month

Between 2014 until present, our business averaged the following website metrics:

  • 18,938 website visitors per month (600% gain)

  • 4.98% conversion rate (500% gain)

  • 157 new customers per month.

So how did Vail Networks’ web design and development process work? Our company had worked with several companies before to do web design and development, but Vail Networks’ process was the simplest, and most effective.

Here’s how Vail Networks’ web design and development process worked (summary):

  • When we paid our retainer, we were immediately paired with a Vail Networks’ project manager. Our is Laura.

  • Once paired with our project manager, we knew we had someone who not only managed our account, but also cared.

  • StudyHall had several difficulties finding out whether we should pursue a total mobile-focused design, or both.

  • Vail Networks used the latest HTML practices and merged them to create a mobile-friendly website.

  • Within 30 days of launching our mobile compatible site, our mobile traffic increased by 18%.

  • Beyond mobile, Vail Networks also created an outstanding geo-local strategy to target through smart search engine optimization. These strategies increased our conversions and our website traffic. It also created a steady flow of online income.

vail networks’ Managed services provider (IT SUpport)

One of the biggest things we didn’t know we needed help with….? IT Support.

Plain and simple: our company was growing 50% year-to-year. Our growth included new hires, interns, consultants, and an abundance of full-time employees. And guess what? Everyone loves having the best websites, computers and information technology infrastructure. After all, we want to be ahead of our competition and have no one be able to compete with us. The only way other companies could compete is if our network was slower and our technology response lagged behind.

Luckily, Vail Networks helped us unify our IT network, upgrade our information technology, and create a fast and secure network for all of our employees and contractors.

BEFORE Vail Networks, here’s how our network lagged behind competition:

  • 3x more online security issues (12 per year),

  • 500% more network lag time (4x national average),

  • 35 minute average IT support waiting time.

AFTER Vail Networks, here’s how we performed:

  • Zero security issues,

  • Zero network lag time,

  • 2 minutes average IT support waiting time.

“Vail Networks” - About & Review

“Vail Networks” - About & Review

Vail networks’ On-going monitoring and maintenance

Because of the strong performance Vail Networks has provided for the past five years, we will continue working with them for the next five years and beyond.

We wrote this review about the Company because it is not common that you can find a company so dedicated and single-handedly responsible for growth at a company.

There has been no better business decision than to work with Vail Networks. We are writing this review to help businesses know who’s the best company for building technology and launching new digital marketing campaigns.

We hope you enjoyed our review about Vail Networks, and we look forward to helping you get ready for your exam and test prep!