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Ross Blankenship Review

Ross Blankenship

Ross Blankenship’s Education and Biography:

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Who is Ross Blankenship?

“Ross Blankenship”   - Startup Expert and Entrepreneur. Former Division 1 NCAA athlete, and Cornell University graduate.

“Ross Blankenship” - Startup Expert and Entrepreneur. Former Division 1 NCAA athlete, and Cornell University graduate.

To begin with, Ross Blankenship is an author, angel investor, and considered to be the startup expert. As an author, Ross Blankenship has published seven books - ranging from business, education, to operations management.

Ross Blankenship’s books include titles ranging from “The Investing King” to “Kings Over Aces.” Another one of Ross Blankenship’s books is called “Hire Like a Boss.” In each book, he utilizes lessons learned (success and failure) on the path to creating successful companies.

Ross Blankenship: born in Dallas, Texas, raised in Texarkana, Texas

What many people don’t know is that despite living in the Northeast (from Northfield Mt. Hermon School to Cornell University), Ross Blankenship was born in Dallas, Texas and raised on the Texas/Arkansas border in a town called Texarkana, Texas. Here’s more about Ross Blankenship.

Raised by a single father from the age of six, Blankenship faced some early adversity and education challenges. In fact, Blankenship’s mother who battled drug and alcohol abuse was never there. After his parents divorced in 1988, it became just Ross, his brother Michael, and his father. The cultural and familial landscape in the area in which Blankenship grew up was all about the local Church. Single parents were often eschewed; kids in the area who didn’t come from a two-parent home were considered less than.

Despite near perfect grades in school, Blankenship consistently was sent to the Principal’s office for what they deemed “insubordination.” Between the ages of 7 to 13, Blankenship balanced being the smart kid in class with being the one “always in trouble.”

But despite these adversities, and with the guidance of mentors such as his father, Blankenship tucked his head into books, history, math and science.

Through his own self-discovery process, Blankenship emerged fully capable and in the top of his class by the time he headed off to boarding school at Northfield Mt. Hermon School (“NMH”).

What is Ross Blankenship’s education and career background?

Many people wonder why Blankenship attended boarding school. The simple answer is opportunity. While Texarkana is a beautiful hometown, the education opportunities are average compared to what one might find in the Northeast USA.

Ross Blankenship    | Official Image

Ross Blankenship | Official Image

At the age of 14, Blankenship visited his local Books-a-Million store and stumbled upon a healthy-size book on Boarding School Admissions.

Although he had discovered the book late in the boarding school admissions process (in March before the Fall Class)

By reading and study everything he could, Blankenship decided to apply to top boarding schools such as: Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy Andover, and Northfield Mt. Hermon School. In the end, Blankenship was waitlisted at the first two schools and accepted at NMH School.

While at NMH School, Blankenship took challenging courses and was awarded numerous student prizes including:

  • The School Prize for Algebra 2 (Top student).

  • The School Prize for Classics.

  • The Web Designer Award.

Blankenship was also heavily involved on the Rowing team and created several student-led clubs on campus that were focused on entrepreneurship.

By Blankenship’s senior year, he was recruited to many top Universities from Stanford University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania to Cornell University.

After visiting Cornell in the Spring of 2005, Blankenship knew that the University was the perfect fit.

While at Cornell University, Blankenship made the Freshman “First Boat” and was honored to row at Nationals. Over the course of Blankenship’s career at Cornell University, he was involved in creating several companies and became a leader on campus.

Blankenship was awarded several prizes while at Cornell:

  • The Brenner Memorial Prize (Top Student in Government).

  • The Baccalaureate Service Award (Selected a student who has, “exemplified intellectual integrity, a commitment to a pluralistic community, and excellence in scholarship.”).

  • Elected to Cornell Arts & Sciences Student Academic Integrity Hearing Board (Oversaw academic integrity cases).

  • Elected to the Education Policy Committee (EPC) for two-year team (Approved courses as an undergraduate).

Blankenship enrolled at Cornell in the Fall of 2001 and graduated in the Spring of 2005.

After graduating Cornell University, Blankenship was accepted to several law schools from: The University of Florida, the University of Iowa, to Washington University in St. Louis (“WashU Law”). Blankenship decided to attend WashU Law, primarily because of its urban environment - having grown up in rural Texas, attended school in rural Massachusetts, and then the quaint, rural college town of Ithaca, New York.

Images and Photos of  Ross Blankenship

Images and Photos of Ross Blankenship

While at WashU Law, Blankenship was awarded several prizes and commendations including:

  • The Environmental Moot Court Performance Award.

  • The National and Regional Award for the ABA’s Mediation Competition.

  • The Enforcement Division (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) Honors Internship Program.

During Blankenship’s second year in law school, he decided to not practice law and instead become an entrepreneur. Blankenship then became hyper-focused on creating websites and platforms ranging from online education, cybersecurity, to e-Commerce.

Ross Blankenship attended WashU Law from the Fall of 2005 until the Spring of 2008, when he officially graduated.

Where in the world has Ross Blankenship lived?

Image of Ross Blankenship  with friends from around the World.

Image of Ross Blankenship with friends from around the World.

Ross Blankenship has lived in the following cities and areas in order of most distant to recent:

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Texarkana, Texas

  • Northfield, Massachusetts

  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • Ithaca, New York

  • St. Louis, Missouri

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Washington D.C.

  • to Colorado.

Blankenship’s favorite place to live? A tie between Texas and Colorado.

With the rise of distributed work teams and remote product-development, Blankenship is able to travel and work with his team of software developers and engineers from more than five time zones.

When did Ross Blankenship get started in business?

Ross Blankenship got his first real start in business while an undergraduate attending Cornell University. During this time, Blankenship discovered the basic principles of supply and demand, particularly for the student audience. He was able to create companies ranging from a custom T-shirt company to private tutoring and education.

Blankenship’s true passion is helping startups become successful. Whether writing, advising, or teaching, Blankenship continues to have an amazing impact on startups through Blankenship’s portfolio of startups.

Why is Blankenship motivated to start new companies?

Ross Blankenship’s Reviews : Courses and Teachings by Startup Expert

Ross Blankenship’s Reviews: Courses and Teachings by Startup Expert

From Ross Blankenship’s work on startups, which teaches people how to build and launch successful startups, he has taught more than 3,300+ students from more than 100 countries around the World.

Here are some of the reviews from real students who have taken Blankenship’s courses:

The best course on startups and investing I've ever seen. I've learned so much about concepts such as entrepreneurship, how to build my own company, and what it takes to get started in venture capital. I would absolutely recommend this course to beginners, intermediates and advanced learners who want to understand financials and the skills behind some of the most talented CEOs in America. 100%.

It’s clear why Ross Blankenship is considered a leading expert on startups…. his course, his vision, and passion are outstanding.

I discovered Blankenship’s teaching on startups two years ago and have watched every video and article he’s written. Superb in every way.

How did Ross Blankenship know how to start a business?

Ross Blankenship started his first business with just an idea.

Without any knowledge of accounting, Blankenship taught himself Quickbooks. Without any understanding of real world supply or demand for products and services, Blankenship went to every coffee shop, book store, and open startup event, until people would buy his products or services.

Being a startup entrepreneur is about hustle. But above all, according to Blankenship:

A business can be boiled down to two things: verifying demand, and verifying if there’s enough margin to pay your overhead.

How can I contact Ross Blankenship?

On Facebook, contact Ross Blankenship.

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