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We Help You Get Accepted to the Best Schools in America.

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For the past 17 years, we've grown StudyHall into the leading source for Ivy League admissions experts and private tutors.  Our education company was built on three principles: (1) increase your scores, (2) perfect your application, and (3) be able to attend the best schools.  When you work with StudyHall's expert admissions consultants, you'll have the opportunity to see first-hand, one-on-one strategies that have helped thousands of students get accepted to the the best private boarding schools (examples: Exeter, Andover, Choate, Lawrenceville) to the top Ivy League colleges (Harvard, Yale, Princeton) highest-rated colleges such as Stanford and MIT, and even graduate programs in medicine.  

Our admissions consultants and private tutors know what it takes to help elevate your admissions applications - whether through admissions essays, planning, one-on-one tutoring, to interview preparation - we'll make you shine.   If you are searching for private tutoring for exams such as the SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, or MCAT, StudyHall's in-home, one-on-one tutoring and test prep will help you increase your scores and gain admission to America's top-ranked schools including Ivy League schools.  

 Chairman and Founder (StudyHall)

Chairman and Founder (StudyHall)

If you're searching for the experts in private tutoring, admissions counseling, or just need some help as a parent navigating the admissions process, you've found the right company.  

Now's your chance to work with some of the most-skilled expert professionals in admissions - with experience in all three levels from private schools, to colleges and universities, to graduate admissions.  You'll get the objective test prep and tutoring you need, accompanied with the admissions consulting to make sure your applications are perfectly drafted, and ready to go.  

We're here for your private tutoring, test preparation, and Ivy League admissions consulting!

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 Ivy League Test Preparation and Admissions Consulting.

Ivy League Test Preparation and Admissions Consulting.

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More than 120+ trained admissions consultants and top 1% expert, private tutors.


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Best Boarding & Private School Admissions

Our private school and boarding school admissions counselors and consultants will help your son or daughter get accepted to the best boarding schools and private schools in the world.  Whether you're using the "Gateway to Prep Schools," or applying through school websites such as Phillips Exeter, Phillips Andover Academy, Groton, Choate, The Lawrenceville School, St. Paul's or top private schools such as Greenwich Country Day, Trinity School or Horace Mann in NYC, our expert admissions consultants will make sure your admissions applications are perfect.  

If you're searching for admissions consultants and expert counselors for the best boarding schools and private schools, you've found us.

SSAT Exam & ISEE Prep 

If you're taking the SSAT exam (Secondary School Admission Test) and need help preparing for the exam, learn about our SSAT private tutors and SSAT course options to help you gain admission to top boarding schools and private schools.  One of our additional strongest programs is the ISEE, which is an alternative exam taken often in lieu of the SSAT.  Learn about our tutoring and test prep programs for these private school admissions tests.


Ivy League Admissions 

StudyHall's Ivy League counselors and admissions consultants will help you gain acceptance to Ivy League Schools such as Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.  Furthermore, we've got a selection of the highest-rated academic counselors and private tutors who have also attended MIT, Stanford, and various schools such as Oxford University, The London School of Economics, and the University of Cambridge.

If you're searching for admissions officers and private college counselors for Ivy League Admissions, you've found the right company.  

SAT & ACT Test Prep

StudyHall's professional SAT and ACT test prep tutoring includes a comprehensive review of the SAT (by the College Board) as well as the ACT exam; our private tutors and admissions consultants know how to help you achieve a perfect score and gain admission to Ivy League colleges as well as top schools such as Stanford, MIT and Berkeley  

Whether you're searching for SAT prep tutors or ACT prep tutors, we've got the tutors and counselors to help you get a higher score on your exams.  

Medical School Admissions

There are three primary admissions consulting programs for graduate school admissions in which we can help you: MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), Graduate School (Masters Degrees) and MBA Admissions.

Our award-winning book "Dr. Prep!" was published last year and provides ample insight from the foremost admissions expert on medical schools.   

If you're applying to Medical schools and need to take the MCAT exam, our custom MCAT programs and online MCAT courses will help you increase your scores significantly.  Our medical school admissions experts will make the process, much simpler.  

Test Prep Courses

One of the best parts of our comprehensive test prep courses is the fact that they're on-demand and can be taken via video, online, and on your own schedule.  Whether you're preparing for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT or MCAT, you can take one of our online prep courses which include a full review of each exam from mathematics/quantitative, verbal/reading, to writing and essay help, these courses contain everything you need to drastically improve your test and exam scores.  


StudyHall's programs are both online and in-person depending on your location.  

We've worked in more than 33+ countries and 52+ cities for private tutoring and test prep.


If you had one chance to work with the best, why wouldn’t you?
— Ross (Founder & CEO)


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 StudyHall: Expert Private Tutors | Admissions Consultants | Ivy League Test Prep

StudyHall: Expert Private Tutors | Admissions Consultants | Ivy League Test Prep


 Leading Admissions Experts and Private Tutors.

Leading Admissions Experts and Private Tutors.

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